Film Making


Day Trips & Hyperlapses

Not every adventure has to be traveling for weeks on end in a foreign country. Some of the best adventures are just local day trips out and about, my visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park being a perfect example. An amazing setting, stunning views and perfect weather combined to make this trip a memorable one. Kaws’ sculptures are truly amazing and are a match made in heaven when combined with hyperlapse photography.


Van Life, Shooting from the Hip and Editing Fast Style

Cornballs is an adventure film that follows two friends on their quest for waves in Cornwall. To start the adventure we jumped into a van and set off. We were super unlucky with the waves and had to wait til the last day for the waves to arrive. But they were well worth the wait.

Shooting from the hip meant I had to be quick to react at any given moment to capture all the spontaneous fun whilst living out of a van. By watching the raw footage at the end of each day I started putting together editing sequences in my head in preparation for editing.

When editing I tried to edit fluidly and make quick but good decisions whilst cutting to the rhythm of the music. This helped me keep the hours down and was a good exercise for me as I can be a perfectionist. I finished the project by colour grading the film. My aim was to create a film look with consistent colours and tones across all clips.


Where It All Began

When I started my freelance career I was mainly designing websites but I wanted to teach myself some new skills. I set myself the goal of creating a climbing and adventure film that was of the same standard as all the amazing online films I have been watching on Vimeo and YouTube over the years. I wanted to create something that would jump off the screen and shout ‘WATCH ME’.

By combining my love of travel, adventure and climbing my friend Ant and I set off on an epic 2 year journey. The end result is a fresh and unique climbing film that breaks the mold from most other climbing films that follow a fairly generic formula.

Upon release it was featured on the homepage of, the UK’s largest climbing site and generated a lot of interest within the climbing community across the globe. We also won a high profile film competition in Gibraltar for ‘best film’.


100% GoPro / Classic 84 Boulder Problem

In the run up to Chicken Ying Yang I purchased a GoPro 2 and started experimenting. With this short my goal was to create a cool intro with fluid transitions between shots. Filming everything myself I used a Gorillapod to help get the angles I wanted. No other gear was used.


100% GoPro / My First 7b One Move Dyno

For this short I wanted to test out the slow motion capabilities of the GoPro 4. I purchased the camera specifically for the high frame rate and 4k film modes. A short but highly technical boulder problem, it took me many attempts to finally stick it, happy days.