Brand & Motion Design


Creative Protege - Brand, logo and motion design

Developing An Iconic Logo Design

Creative Protege is a creative agency that helps graduates find work within the industry. I was recruited to update their brand image with the aim of attracting more graduates to the agency. I created a modern, eye catching logo that incorporates the C and P of Creative Protege. I arrived at the final design by developing a lot of concept designs that can be viewed below. Each concept brought me closer to the final design.

Creative Protege - Brand, logo and motion design


Intro Video for Website

With the logo design complete the client asked me to create a short animated video for the home page of their website. By using their key messages and creating dynamic animated transitions between them using particle effects I was able to produce a compelling introduction to the company.

 Creative Protege - Brand, logo and motion design

Concept Designs

Part of the work for the animated video involved creating custom graphics that were combined with particles effects to create a high impact animation. I initially sketched the designs on paper, then transferred them to the computer before animating them in After Effects.

Creative Protege - Brand, logo and motion design

Creative Protege Website


More Animated Videos

Creative Protege were so impressed with my work for their logo and intro video they asked me to create another intro video for Gloss Creative Recruitment. It was an open brief which allowed me to explore my own experimental concepts. To highlight the creative side of the business I employed the use of animated ink drops to represent creativity that was combined with bespoke sound design created by David Laine.

Creative Protege - Brand, logo and motion design


Freelance Design Work

Creative Protege also put me in touch with Ripe Design, one of the North’s leading design agencies. I designed a number of T-shirts for the company as well as creating a showreel of ripe’s most recent work. I also got to work on concept designs for a top secret project out in the United Arab Emirates.

Creative Protege - Brand, logo and motion design